Orca Kids Club
After School Club
Holiday Club
+ Who can join the After School and Holiday Club?

The club is open to children aged 4 to 14 who attend any of the schools in Nailsea. Places at the Holiday Club may be offered to other local children depending on availability. The club aims to offer 40 places for after school care with additional place allocation in the holidays. Please note that all places will have to be allocated on a ‘first come - first served basis’.

Separate booking forms will be issued for each school holiday but once a term time booking form has been completed, parents will not be required to complete forms for subsequent terms, providing that their requirements have not changed.

In the event that there are parents who are unable to secure a place because the club is oversubscribed, a waiting list will be established whilst we endeavour to increase our place allocation.

+ What happens at the After School Club?

The club will have a planned weekly programme put together by the play leaders and invited guests. We recognise that many children are tired at the end of the school day. They will therefore be encouraged to choose their activities, whether this be joining in with a group activity, playing freely with other children, supervised homework (Note: We cannot guarantee that homework will be completed during club hours), or simply relaxing with a book or other quiet activity. The club will have use of a hard standing play area together with the school playing fields and, weather permitting, we hope to use these facilities for outside play, team games and other sports.

Children will be offered a light snack during the afternoon.

At the end of each session, children will be expected to help clear away, ready to be collected promptly at 6.00pm. (N.B. See rules regarding late collection)

+ What happens at the Holiday Club?

Like the After School Club, children will be able to choose from a menu of activities. These may include drama, dance, music (computer generated as well as conventional), arts and crafts, football, rounders, badminton, swimming, gymnastics and many more!

We will also have guests who will run work shops/talks on a range of topics from kite making to personal safety. There will also be a number of organised trips during the holidays. You will be informed about these activities nearer the time.

You should provide your child/ren with a packed lunch if he/she is staying all day. Children should arrive before 9.00am when there is an outing.

+ When and where does the club operate?

The After School Club will operate between 3.00pm and 6.00pm every school day in the language unit of Nailsea Secondary School.

The Holiday Club will operate between 8.00am and 6.00pm every weekday in the school holidays except at Chrismas and Bank Holidays.

+ How will children be transported to the After School Club?

A member of staff from the club will travel to the children’s schools, every day, to meet and accompany the children that will be attending the club.

+ Who runs Orca Kids Club (Nailsea)?

The club receives the full support of the Headteacher of Nailsea Secondary School, but is an independent organisation. The owner and a management team members are qualified teachers and all are parents. Together, we are responsible for all aspects of the administration and organisation of the club, such as policies on play, safety, the allocation of places, collection of fees and employment of Play Workers.

All staff who care for your children, and run the club on a day to day basis, are employed by the Club and managed by a qualified teacher.

Children are constantly supervised whilst at the Club and there is a ratio of at least one adult to every eight children aged 8 or under, and one adult to every ten children aged 9 or over, at all times.

+ What am I paying for?

Parents will pay fees for using the club as detailed on the attached charging schedule. These fees will be used to pay all members of staff, rent to Nailsea Secondary School to cover heating, lighting, wear and tear etc, and the ongoing costs of materials and equipment. Fees will be payable in advance and are not refundable.

+ What policies will the Club have?

The club has the following policies and procedures (available for inspection by parents):


After School Club Salary


Child Protection


Equal Opportunities

Equal Op Plan

Health & Safety



Special Needs




Accident & Emergency




Collection Of Children (parents/carers)

Collection Of Children From School


Fire Drill Game

Training Checklist


Orca Hierarchy

+ Why is the club called Orca?

One of our aims is to increase children’s awareness of their immediate and global environment, with themes such as conservation and life in a third world country. To this end we hope to support two very different charities, using their particular cause as a focus for some of our activities. The organizations are: The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. (www.wdcs.org)

“The Global Voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and their environment” We hope to sponsor our own Orca whale and chart its progress. The Luhimba Project. (www.luhimbaproject.org.uk)

Sustainable support, for a village in Tanzania – with particular emphasis on child related issues.

We look forward to being involved with the Luhimba Schools Links programme, which raises funds for basic resources for the Luhimba schools by working with schools and groups in N. Somerset and Bristol, doing a variety of activities that give the children a sense of life in Luhimba. The project raises awareness, and creates genuine interest by its direct contact with the village. There is a tremendous sense of achievement from having such a positive and immediate effect in the developing world.

Please note that environmental and global issues are very much part of the National Curriculum, and although we will not be teaching this formally, we hope to encourage children’s interest and understanding of these issues. Orca Kids Club (Nailsea) is here to provide the very best in professional care for your child/children. In order to achieve this we feel it is vital to work in partnership with all parents. To this end we would encourage any comments or suggestions to enable us to comply with you and your child’s needs. We look forward to meeting you.